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Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (2-8), 2011


Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (2), 2011


I. O. Okonko, M. O. Ojezele, E. T. Babalola, J. C. Nwanze, O. K. Mejeha and T. A. Amusan

Emerging infections and bioterrorism emergencies: Where do we go from here?

J. Amudha and G. Balasubramani

Recent molecular advances to combat abiotic stress tolerance in crop plantss

Tag: Bioterrorism, emerging infections, emergence preparedness, pathogens, viroterrorism,Abiotic stress, stress induced genes, regulatory proteins, transgenics,

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (3), 2011


Rajesh M. Patel and Rajesh N. Prajapati

Pancratistatin, an apoptic inducer: New horizon for targeted therapy in cancer

Bijender Singh, Gotthard Kunze and T. Satyanarayana

Developments in biochemical aspects and biotechnological applications of microbial phytases

Tag: Pancrastatin, apoptosis, caspases, tumor necrosis factor (TNF),Phytic acid, microbial phytase, crystal structure, monogastrics, protein engineering, dephytinization, plant growth promotion,

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (4), 2011


Shailza Singh and D. K. Sharma

In silico modeling in conjunction with natural products: Paving the the way for rational drug-design

Ademola O. Olaniran, Kovashnee Naicker and Balakrishna Pillay

Toxigenic Escherichia coli and Vibrio cholerae: Classification, pathogenesis and virulence determinants

Tag: homology modeling, natural products, drug discovery,Diarrhoea, Escherichia coli, pathogenicity, toxigenicity, Vibrio cholerae, virulence determinants

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (5), 2011


Dwivedi M. K., Tripathi A. K., Shukla S., Khan S. and Chauhan U. K.

Homocysteine and cardiovascular disease

Soetan, K. O.

The role of biotechnology towards attainment of a sustainable and safe global agriculture and environment – A review

Tag: Homocysteine, oxidative stress, inflammation,biotechnology, environmental safety, agricultural production, heavy metal, pollution,

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (6), 2011


K. Sreenivasulu and M. Vijaya Lakshmi

Telomerase: Roles in aging, cancer and hereditary disease

Hamed Kharrati Koopaei and Ali Esmailizadeh Koshkoiyeh

Application of genomic technologies to the improvement of meat quality in farm animals

Syed Shoaib Ahmed, Atif Adnan, Anam Batool, Ziaur Rahman, Muhammad Ilyas and Syyada Samra Jafri

Investigating the potential role of platelet derived growth factor (PDGF)

Tag: Telomere, chromatin, aging, cancer, hereditary diseases,genomics technologies,meat quality,candidate gene, genome scanning,fibroblast growth factor-2, mitogen activating protein kinase,epithilial mesenchymal transition

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (7), 2011


Maureen Fonji ATEMKENG, Teboh Jasper MUKI, Jong-Won PARK and John JIFON

Integrating molecular tools with conventional breeding strategies for improving phosphorus acquisition by legume crops in acid soils of Sub-Saharan Africa

Blanco M. R., Demyda S., Moreno Millán M. and Genero E

Developmental competence of in vivo and in vitro matured oocytes: A review

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 155 - 165

Tag: Legume, phosphorus uptake, breeding, comparative genomics, crop improvement, Sub-Saharan Africa,Oocyte, in vitro maturation (IVM), vitro fertilization (IVF),in vitro culture (IVC), embryo, bovine

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews - 6 (8), 2011


Aurelian Udristioiu, Radu G. Iliescu, Lucian Udristioiu and Manole Cojocaru

A new approach of abnormal apoptosis as a cause of autoimmunity and malignancy

Bishnu Joshi, Megh Raj Bhatt, Dinita Sharma, Jarina Joshi, Rajani Malla and Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Lignocellulosic ethanol production: Current practices and recent developments

Tag: Tumor suppressor gene P53, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, tumor necrosis factor, zeta-chain-associated protein kinase 70,Lignocellulosic biomass, bioethanol, saccharification and fermentation (SSF), consolidated bioprocessing (CBP)

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