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Applied Vegetation Science - 13 (4), 2010


Original Articles

A conceptual model of plant community changes following cessation of cultivation in semi-arid grassland

Nathan K. Wong, John W. Morgan and Josh Dorrough

Restoration of a species-rich meadow on arable land by transferring meadow blocks

Leoš Klimeš, Ivana Jongepierová, Jiří Doležal and Jitka Klimešová

Using biological traits to assess how urbanization filters plant species of small woodlands

Jeanne Vallet, Hervé Daniel, Véronique Beaujouan, Françoise Rozé and Sandrine Pavoine

Is the combination of topsoil replacement and inoculation with plant material an effective tool for the restoration of threatened sandy grassland?

Carsten Eichberg, Christian Storm, Michael Stroh and Angelika Schwabe

Survival and growth responses of eight Everglades tree species along an experimental hydrological gradient on two tree island types

Susana L. Stoffella, Michael S. Ross, Jay P. Sah, Rene M. Price, Pamela L. Sullivan, Eric A. Cline and Leonard J. Scinto

Using topographic wetness index in vegetation ecology: does the algorithm matter?

Martin Kopecký and Štěpánka Čížková

Role of disturbed vegetation in mapping the boreal zone in northern Eurasia

Annika Hofgaard, Gareth Rees, Hans Tommervik, Olga Tutubalina, Elena Golubeva, Natalia Lukina, Kjell Arild Hogda, Stein Rune Karlsen, Ludmila Isaeva and Viacheslav Kharuk

Improving the assessment of species compositional dissimilarity in a priori ecological classifications: evaluating map scale, sampling intensity and improvement in a hierarchical classification

B.E. Lawson, S. Ferrier, G. Wardell-Johnson, R.J.S. Beeton and D.V. Pullar

Modeling above-ground litterfall in eastern Mediterranean conifer forests using fractional tree cover, and remotely sensed and ground data

Sibel Taskinsu-Meydan, Fatih Evrendilek, Suha Berberoglu and Cenk Donmez

Radial growth responses to gap creation in large, old Sequoiadendron giganteum

Robert A. York, Danielle Fuchs, John J. Battles and Scott L. Stephens

Taxonomic identification of Amazonian tree crowns from aerial photography

Carlos E. González-Orozco, Mark Mulligan, Valérie Trichon and Andrew Jarvis

Restoration of C4 grasses with seasonal fires in a C3/C4 grassland invaded by Prosopis glandulosa, a fire-resistant shrub

R. James Ansley, Thomas W. Boutton, Mustafa Mirik, Michael J. Castellano and Betty A. Kramp

Temporal changes in the island flora at different scales in the archipelago of SW Finland

Jens-Johan Hannus and Mikael Von Numers


Corrigendum (Relationship between species richness and spatial and temporal distance from seed source in semi-natural grassland)


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