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Applied Vegetation Science - 12 (3), 2009


Effects of climate on occurrence and size of large fires in a northern hardwood landscape: historical trends, forecasts, and implications for climate change in Témiscamingue, Québec

C. Ronnie Drever, Yves Bergeron, Mark C. Drever, Mike Flannigan, Travis Logan and Christian Messier

How do management and restoration needs of mountain grasslands depend on moisture regime? Experimental study from north-western Slovakia (Western Carpathians)

Dobromil Galvánek and Jan Lepš

Effects of raised water levels on wet grassland plant communities

Sarah E. Toogood and Chris B. Joyce

Nestedness, SLOSS and conservation networks of boreal herb-rich forests

Päivi J. Hokkanen, Jari Kouki and Atte Komonen

Seed production in fens and fen meadows along a disturbance gradient

A. Klimkowska, R. Van Diggelen, S. Den Held, R. Brienen, S. Verbeek and K. Vegelin

Reproductive challenges of a rare grass, Calamagrostis porteri subsp. insperata (Swallen) C. Greene: implications for habitat restoration

David J. Gibson, Michael Delong, Shibi Chandy and Yohanes A. K. Honu

Evaluation of habitat sustainability and vulnerability for beech (Fagus crenata) forests under 110 hypothetical climatic change scenarios in Japan

Tetsuya Matsui, Kiyoshi Takahashi, Nobuyuki Tanaka, Yasuaki Hijioka, Masahiro Horikawa, Tsutomu Yagihashi and Hideo Harasawa

Impact of landscape spatial pattern on liana communities in tropical rainforests at Los Tuxtlas, Mexico

Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez and Tarin Toledo-Aceves

Acidification of sandy grasslands – consequences for plant diversity

Pal Axel Olsson, Linda-Maria Martensson and Hans Henrik Bruun

Nutrient limitation along eutrophic rivers? Roles of N, P and K input in a species-rich floodplain hay meadow

Roos Loeb, Lisa Kuijpers, Roy C.J.H. Peters, Leon P.M. Lamers and Jan G.M. Roelofs

No detectable impacts of frequent burning on foliar C and N or insect herbivory in an Australian eucalypt forest

Fiona J. Christie and Alan York

Thermal shock and germination in North-West European Genisteae: implications for heathland management and invasive weed control using fire

M.E. Hanley


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