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Annals of Botany - 107 (1), 2011



Plant Cuttings
Chaffey, Nigel

Developing a biosafety law: lessons from the Kenyan experience
Dunwell, Jim M.

Atlas of the potential vegetation of Ethiopia
Heslop-Harrison, J. S. (Pat)

Molecular phylogenetics of subfamily Ornithogaloideae (Hyacinthaceae) based on nuclear and plastid DNA regions, including a new taxonomic arrangement
Martínez-Azorín, Mario; Crespo, Manuel B.; Juan, Ana; Fay, Michael F.

Reproductive isolation and pollination success of rewarding Galearis diantha and non-rewarding Ponerorchis chusua (Orchidaceae)
Sun, Hai-Qin; Huang, Bao-Qiang; Yu, Xiao-Hong; Kou, Yong; An, De-Jun; Luo, Yi-Bo; Ge, Song

Recovery dynamics of growth, photosynthesis and carbohydrate accumulation after de-submergence: a comparison between two wetland plants showing escape and quiescence strategies
Luo, Fang-Li; Nagel, Kerstin A.; Scharr, Hanno; Zeng, Bo; Schurr, Ulrich; Matsubara, Shizue

Association between simple sequence repeat-rich chromosome regions and intergenomic translocation breakpoints in natural populations of allopolyploid wild wheats
Molnár, István; Cifuentes, Marta; Schneider, Annamária; Benavente, Elena; Molnár-Láng, Márta

Remarkable coexistence of multiple cytotypes of the Gymnadenia conopsea aggregate (the fragrant orchid): evidence from flow cytometry
Trávníček, Pavel; Kubátová, Barbora; Čurn, Vladislav; Rauchová, Jana; Krajníková, Eva; Jersáková, Jana; Suda, Jan

Contrasting dynamics of radial O2-loss barrier induction and aerenchyma formation in rice roots of two lengths
Shiono, Katsuhiro; Ogawa, Satoshi; Yamazaki, So; Isoda, Hiroko; Fujimura, Tatsuhito; Nakazono, Mikio; Colmer, Timothy David

Nitrogen stress response of a hybrid species: a gene expression study
Brouillette, Larry C.; Donovan, Lisa A.

Oxidative stress induces distinct physiological responses in the two Trebouxia phycobionts of the lichen Ramalina farinacea
del Hoyo, Alicia; Álvarez, Raquel; del Campo, Eva M.; Gasulla, Francisco; Barreno, Eva; Casano, Leonardo M.

Sexual dimorphism in resource acquisition and deployment: both size and timing matter
Sánchez Vilas, Julia; Pannell, John R.

An evaluation of small-scale genetic diversity and the mating system in Zostera noltii on an intertidal sandflat in the Wadden Sea
Zipperle, Andreas M.; Coyer, James A.; Reise, Karsten; Stam, Wytze T.; Olsen, Jeanine L.

Polyploidy influences sexual system and mating patterns in the moss Atrichum undulatum sensu lato
Jesson, Linley K.; Cavanagh, Amanda P.; Perley, Danielle S.

Nitrogen and water addition reduce leaf longevity of steppe species
Ren, Haiyan; Xu, Zhuwen; Huang, Jianhui; Clark, Christopher; Chen, Shiping; Han, Xingguo

Differential effects of plant diversity on functional trait variation of grass species
Gubsch, Marlén; Buchmann, Nina; Schmid, Bernhard; Schulze, Ernst-Detlef; Lipowsky, Annett; Roscher, Christiane

Seeds of alpine plants are short lived: implications for long-term conservation
Mondoni, Andrea; Probert, Robin J.; Rossi, Graziano; Vegini, Emanuele; Hay, Fiona R.


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