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Annals of Botany - 106 (4), 2010



Plant Cuttings
Chaffey, Nigel

Plant cell biology. From astronomy to zoology
Chaffey, Nigel

Cryptic dioecy in Mussaenda pubescens (Rubiaceae): a species with stigma-height dimorphism
Li, Ai-Min; Wu, Xiao-Qin; Zhang, Dian-Xiang; Barrett, Spencer C. H.

Polyembryony in non-apomictic citrus genotypes
Aleza, Pablo; Jurez, Jos; Ollitrault, Patrick; Navarro, Luis

Pollination and late-acting self-incompatibility in Cyrtanthus breviflorus (Amaryllidaceae): implications for seed production
Vaughton, Glenda; Ramsey, Mike; Johnson, Steven D.

The influence of tetrad shape and intersporal callose wall formation on pollen aperture pattern ontogeny in two eudicot species
Albert, Batrice; Nadot, Sophie; Dreyer, Leanne; Ressayre, Adrienne

Successive silencing of tandem reporter genes in potato (Solanum tuberosum) over 5 years of vegetative propagation
Nocarova, Eva; Opatrny, Zdenek; Fischer, Lukas

Mycoheterotrophy evolved from mixotrophic ancestors: evidence in Cymbidium (Orchidaceae)
Motomura, Hiroyuki; Selosse, Marc-Andr; Martos, Florent; Kagawa, Akira; Yukawa, Tomohisa

Mixed mating system in the fern Asplenium scolopendrium: implications for colonization potential
Wubs, E. R. Jasper; de Groot, G. Arjen; During, Heinjo J.; Vogel, Johannes C.; Grundmann, Michael; Bremer, Piet; Schneider, Harald

Floral ontogeny of Annonaceae: evidence for high variability in floral form
Xu, Fengxia; Ronse De Craene, Louis

Effects of abscisic acid, ethylene and sugars on the mobilization of storage proteins and carbohydrates in seeds of the tropical tree Sesbania virgata (Leguminosae)
Tonini, Patricia Pinho; Purgatto, Eduardo; Buckeridge, Marcos Silveira

Plasticity in relative growth rate after a reduction in nitrogen availability is related to root morphological and physiological responses
Useche, Antonio; Shipley, Bill

Population genetic relationships between Casearia sylvestris (Salicaceae) varieties occurring sympatrically and allopatrically in different ecosystems in south-east Brazil
Cavallari, Marcelo Mattos; Gimenes, Marcos Aparecido; Billot, Claire; Torres, Roseli Buzanelli; Zucchi, Maria Imaculada; Cavalheiro, Alberto Jose; Bouvet, Jean-Marc

Plant resource-use strategies: the importance of phenotypic plasticity in response to a productivity gradient for two subalpine species
Grassein, Fabrice; Till-Bottraud, Irne; Lavorel, Sandra

Effects of positive interactions, size symmetry of competition and abiotic stress on self-thinning in simulated plant populations
Chu, Cheng-Jin; Weiner, Jacob; Maestre, Fernando T.; Wang, You-Shi; Morris, Charles; Xiao, Sa; Yuan, Jian-Li; Du, Guo-Zhen; Wang, Gang

Did Drosera evolve long scapes to stop their pollinators from being eaten?
Anderson, Bruce

Marcescent corollas as functional structures: effects on the fecundity of two insect-pollinated plants
Herrera, Carlos M.


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