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Journal of Experimental Botany - 15, 2010


Kin recognition in plants: a mysterious behaviour unsolved
Biedrzycki, Meredith L.; Bais, Harsh P.

Increasing productivity by matching farming system management and genotype in water-limited environments
Kirkegaard, J. A.; Hunt, J. R.

Simultaneously improving yield under drought stress and non-stress conditions: a case study of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Guan, Y. S.; Serraj, R.; Liu, S. H.; Xu, J. L.; Ali, J.; Wang, W. S.; Venus, E.; Zhu, L. H.; Li, Z. K.

Genome-wide identification and analysis of drought-responsive microRNAs in Oryza sativa
Zhou, Liguo; Liu, Yunhua; Liu, Zaochang; Kong, Deyan; Duan, Mei; Luo, Lijun

Recombinant protease inhibitors for herbivore pest control: a multitrophic perspective
Schlter, Urte; Benchabane, Meriem; Munger, Aurlie; Kiggundu, Andrew; Vorster, Juan; Goulet, Marie-Claire; Cloutier, Conrad; Michaud, Dominique

Exploiting phytochemicals for developing a pushpull crop protection strategy for cereal farmers in Africa
Khan, Zeyaur R.; Midega, Charles A. O.; Bruce, Toby J. A.; Hooper, Antony M.; Pickett, John A.

Catalase function in plants: a focus on Arabidopsis mutants as stress-mimic models
Mhamdi, Amna; Queval, Guillaume; Chaouch, Sejir; Vanderauwera, Sandy; Van Breusegem, Frank; Noctor, Graham

Involvement of brassinosteroid signals in the floral-induction network of Arabidopsis
Li, Jihong; Li, Yuhua; Chen, Shuyan; An, Lizhe

The immunolocation of XTH1 in embryonic axes during chickpea germination and seedling growth confirms its function in cell elongation and vascular differentiation
Hernndez-Nistal, Josefina; Martn, Ignacio; Labrador, Emilia; Dopico, Berta

Short flashes and continuous light have similar photoinhibitory efficiency in intact leaves
Sarvikas, Pivi; Hakala-Yatkin, Marja; Dnmez, Sirin; Tyystjrvi, Esa

A 9bp cis-element in the promoters of class I small heat shock protein genes on chromosome 3 in rice mediates L-azetidine-2-carboxylic acid and heat shock responses
Guan, Jiahn-Chou; Yeh, Ching-Hui; Lin, Ya-Ping; Ke, Yi-Ting; Chen, Ming-Tse; You, Jia-Wen; Liu, Yi-Hsin; Lu, Chung-An; Wu, Shaw-Jye; Lin, Chu-Yung

Transcriptome analysis of Hpa1Xoo transformed cotton revealed constitutive expression of genes in multiple signalling pathways related to disease resistance
Miao, Weiguo; Wang, Xiben; Song, Congfeng; Wang, Yu; Ren, Yonghong; Wang, Jinsheng

A multifaceted study of stigma/style cysteine-rich adhesin (SCA)-like Arabidopsis lipid transfer proteins (LTPs) suggests diversified roles for these LTPs in plant growth and reproduction
Chae, Keun; Gonong, Benedict J.; Kim, Seung-Chul; Kieslich, Chris A.; Morikis, Dimitrios; Balasubramanian, Shruthi; Lord, Elizabeth M.

Pollen density on the stigma affects endogenous gibberellin metabolism, seed and fruit set, and fruit quality in Pyrus pyrifolia
Zhang, Caixi; Tateishi, Naoya; Tanabe, Kenji

Deviation from the grain protein concentrationgrain yield negative relationship is highly correlated to post-anthesis N uptake in winter wheat
Bogard, Matthieu; Allard, Vincent; Brancourt-Hulmel, Maryse; Heumez, Emmanuel; Machet, Jean-Marie; Jeuffroy, Marie-Hlne; Gate, Philippe; Martre, Pierre; Le Gouis, Jacques

Is the remobilization of S and N reserves for seed filling of winter oilseed rape modulated by sulphate restrictions occurring at different growth stages?
Dubousset, L.; Etienne, P.; Avice, J. C.

Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel tomato xylosyltransferase specific for gentisic acid
Trraga, Susana; Lisn, Purificacin; Lpez-Gresa, Mara Pilar; Torres, Cristina; Rodrigo, Ismael; Bells, Jos Mara; Conejero, Vicente

UV radiation reduces epidermal cell expansion in leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana
Hectors, Kathleen; Jacques, Eveline; Prinsen, Els; Guisez, Yves; Verbelen, Jean-Pierre; Jansen, Marcel A. K.; Vissenberg, Kris

Floret development of durum wheat in response to nitrogen availability
Ferrante, Ariel; Savin, Roxana; Slafer, Gustavo A.

The impact of drought on leaf physiology of Quercus suber L. trees: comparison of an extreme drought event with chronic rainfall reduction
Grant, Olga M.; Tronina, ukasz; Ramalho, Jos Cochicho; Kurz Besson, Cathy; Lobo-do-Vale, Raquel; Santos Pereira, Joo; Jones, Hamlyn G.; Chaves, M. Manuela

COI1, a jasmonate receptor, is involved in ethylene-induced inhibition of Arabidopsis root growth in the light
Adams, Eri; Turner, John

Integration of phot1, phot2, and PhyB signalling in light-induced chloroplast movements
Luesse, Darron R.; DeBlasio, Stacy L.; Hangarter, Roger P.

ZmMPK5 is required for the NADPH oxidase-mediated self-propagation of apoplastic H2O2 in brassinosteroid-induced antioxidant defence in leaves of maize
Zhang, Aying; Zhang, Jun; Ye, Nenghui; Cao, Jianmei; Tan, Mingpu; Zhang, Jianhua; Jiang, Mingyi

Spectral reflectance from a soybean canopy exposed to elevated CO2 and O3
Gray, Sharon B.; Dermody, Orla; DeLucia, Evan H.

Quantitative trait loci associated with longevity of lettuce seeds under conventional and controlled deterioration storage conditions
Schwember, Andrs R.; Bradford, Kent J.

Genetics, phosphorus availability, and herbivore-derived induction as sources of phenotypic variation of leaf volatile terpenes in a pine species
Sampedro, Luis; Moreira, Xoaqun; Llusia, Joan; Peuelas, Josep; Zas, Rafael

High concentrations of Na+ and Cl- ions in soil solution have simultaneous detrimental effects on growth of faba bean under salinity stress
Tavakkoli, Ehsan; Rengasamy, Pichu; McDonald, Glenn K.

A CESA from Griffithsia monilis (Rhodophyta, Florideophyceae) has a family 48 carbohydrate-binding module
Matthews, Peter R.; Schindler, Michael; Howles, Paul; Arioli, Tony; Williamson, Richard E.


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