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Journal of Experimental Botany - 1, 2011


Bleach it, switch it, bounce it, pull it: using lasers to reveal plant cell dynamics
Sparkes, I. A.; Graumann, K.; Martinire, A.; Schoberer, J.; Wang, P.; Osterrieder, A.

The identification of aluminium-resistance genes provides opportunities for enhancing crop production on acid soils
Ryan, P. R.; Tyerman, S. D.; Sasaki, T.; Furuichi, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Zhang, W. H.; Delhaize, E.

Root responses to cadmium in the rhizosphere: a review
Lux, Alexander; Martinka, Michal; Vaculk, Marek; White, Philip J.

Ion transport in seminal and adventitious roots of cereals during O2 deficiency
Colmer, Timothy David; Greenway, Hank

Root elongation, water stress, and mechanical impedance: a review of limiting stresses and beneficial root tip traits
Bengough, A. Glyn; McKenzie, B. M.; Hallett, P. D.; Valentine, T. A.

A screening method to identify genetic variation in root growth response to a salinity gradient
Rahnama, Afrasyab; Munns, Rana; Poustini, Kazem; Watt, Michelle

Open and closed inflorescences: more than simple opposites
Bull-Hereu, Kester; Claen-Bockhoff, Regine

Arabidopsis thaliana, a plant model organism for the neuronal microtubule cytoskeleton?
Gardiner, John; Marc, Jan

Seasonal changes of whole root system conductance by a drought-tolerant grape root system
Alsina, Maria Mar; Smart, David R.; Bauerle, Taryn; de Herralde, Felicidad; Biel, Carme; Stockert, Christine; Negron, Claudia; Save, Robert

Plant physiology and proteomics reveals the leaf response to drought in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
Aranjuelo, Iker; Molero, Gemma; Erice, Gorka; Avice, Jean Christophe; Nogus, Salvador

Root-synthesized cytokinins improve shoot growth and fruit yield in salinized tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) plants
Ghanem, Michel Edmond; Albacete, Alfonso; Smigocki, Ann C.; Frbort, Ivo; Pospilov, Hana; Martnez-Andjar, Cristina; Acosta, Manuel; Snchez-Bravo, Jos; Lutts, Stanley; Dodd, Ian C.; Prez-Alfocea, Francisco

Activation of the plant mitochondrial potassium channel by free fatty acids and acyl-CoA esters: a possible defence mechanism in the response to hyperosmotic stress
Laus, Maura N.; Soccio, Mario; Trono, Daniela; Liberatore, Maria T.; Pastore, Donato

Nicotiana attenuata NaHD20 plays a role in leaf ABA accumulation during water stress, benzylacetone emission from flowers, and the timing of bolting and flower transitions
R, Delfina A.; Dezar, Carlos A.; Chan, Raquel L.; Baldwin, Ian T.; Bonaventure, Gustavo

Genetic mapping of natural variation in a shade avoidance response: ELF3 is the candidate gene for a QTL in hypocotyl growth regulation
Coluccio, M. Paula; Sanchez, Sabrina E.; Kasulin, Luciana; Yanovsky, Marcelo J.; Botto, Javier F.

Sodium and chloride exclusion and retention by non-grafted and grafted melon and Cucurbita plants
Edelstein, M.; Plaut, Z.; Ben-Hur, M.

Ionic and osmotic relations in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) plants grown at various salinity levels
Hariadi, Yuda; Marandon, Karl; Tian, Yu; Jacobsen, Sven-Erik; Shabala, Sergey

Augmentation of abscisic acid (ABA) levels by drought does not induce short-term stomatal sensitivity to CO2 in two divergent conifer species
McAdam, Scott A. M.; Brodribb, Timothy J.; Ross, John J.; Jordan, Gregory J.

Expression profiling of cell cycle genes reveals key facilitators of cell production during carpel development, fruit set, and fruit growth in apple (Malusdomestica Borkh.)
Malladi, Anish; Johnson, Lisa Klima

Misregulation of the LOB domain gene DDA1 suggests possible functions in auxin signalling and photomorphogenesis
Mangeon, Amanda; Bell, Elizabeth M.; Lin, Wan-ching; Jablonska, Barbara; Springer, Patricia S.

Haem oxygenase delays programmed cell death in wheat aleurone layers by modulation of hydrogen peroxide metabolism
Wu, Mingzhu; Huang, Jingjing; Xu, Sheng; Ling, Tengfang; Xie, Yanjie; Shen, Wenbiao

Effect of poplar genotypes on mycorrhizal infection and secreted enzyme activities in mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal roots
Courty, P. E.; Labb, J.; Kohler, A.; Marais, B.; Bastien, C.; Churin, J. L.; Garbaye, J.; Le Tacon, F.

Differences in enzymic properties of five recombinant xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase (XTH) proteins of Arabidopsis thaliana
Maris, An; Kaewthai, Nomchit; Eklf, Jens M.; Miller, Janice G.; Brumer, Harry; Fry, Stephen C.; Verbelen, Jean-Pierre; Vissenberg, Kris

Megapixel imaging of (micro)nutrients in mature barley grains
Lombi, Enzo; Smith, Euan; Hansen, Thomas H.; Paterson, David; de Jonge, Martin D.; Howard, Daryl L.; Persson, Daniel P.; Husted, Sren; Ryan, Chris; Schjoerring, Jan K.

Crassulacean acid metabolism under severe light limitation: a matter of plasticity in the shadows?
Ceusters, Johan; Borland, Anne M.; Godts, Christof; Londers, Elsje; Croonenborghs, Sarah; Van Goethem, Davina; De Proft, Maurice P.

Functional characterization of the HD-ZIP IV transcription factor OCL1 from maize
Depge-Fargeix, Nathalie; Javelle, Marie; Chambrier, Pierre; Frangne, Nathalie; Gerentes, Denise; Perez, Pascual; Rogowsky, Peter M.; Vernoud, Vanessa

An alternative pathway for ureide usage in legumes: enzymatic formation of a ureidoglycolate adduct in Cicer arietinum and Phaseolus vulgaris
Muoz, Alfonso; Bannenberg, Gerard L.; Montero, Olimpio; Cabello-Daz, Juan Miguel; Piedras, Pedro; Pineda, Manuel

HCC1, the Arabidopsis homologue of the yeast mitochondrial copper chaperone SCO1, is essential for embryonic development
Steinebrunner, Iris; Landschreiber, Marlen; Krause-Buchholz, Udo; Teichmann, Juliane; Rdel, Gerhard

Mechanistic study of mitochondria-dependent programmed cell death induced by aluminium phytotoxicity using fluorescence techniques
Li, Zhe; Xing, Da

Is LEAFY a useful marker gene for the flowerinflorescence boundary in the Euphorbia cyathium?
Prenner, Gerhard; Cacho, N. Ival; Baum, David; Rudall, Paula J.

Analysis of the willow root system by electrical impedance spectroscopy
Cao, Yang; Repo, Tapani; Silvennoinen, Raimo; Lehto, Tarja; Pelkonen, Paavo

Convergence of the 26S proteasome and the REVOLUTA pathways in regulating inflorescence and floral meristem functions in Arabidopsis
Zhang, Zhenzhen; Wang, Hua; Luo, Dexian; Zeng, Minhuan; Huang, Hai; Cui, Xiaofeng

Potato tuber pectin structure is influenced by pectin methyl esterase activity and impacts on cooked potato texture
Ross, Heather A.; Wright, Kathryn M.; McDougall, Gordon J.; Roberts, Alison G.; Chapman, Sean N.; Morris, Wayne L.; Hancock, Robert D.; Stewart, Derek; Tucker, Gregory A.; James, Euan K.; Taylor, Mark A.

Photosynthesis, water use, and root viability under water stress as affected by expression of SAG12-ipt controlling cytokinin synthesis in Agrostis stolonifera
Merewitz, Emily B.; Gianfagna, Thomas; Huang, Bingru


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