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Journal of Experimental Botany - 13, 2010


Drought decision-making
Boyer, John S.

New phenotyping methods for screening wheat and barley for beneficial responses to water deficit
Munns, Rana; James, Richard A.; Sirault, Xavier R. R.; Furbank, Robert T.; Jones, Hamlyn G.

Breeding for water-saving and drought-resistance rice (WDR) in China
Luo, L. J.

High-throughput shoot imaging to study drought responses
Berger, Bettina; Parent, Boris; Tester, Mark

Effect of salinity and water stress during the reproductive stage on growth, ion concentrations, 13C, and 15N of durum wheat and related amphiploids
Yousfi, Salima; Serret, Maria Dolores; Voltas, Jordi; Araus, Jos Luis

Root water potential integrates discrete soil physical properties to influence ABA signalling during partial rootzone drying
Dodd, Ian C.; Egea, Gregorio; Watts, Chris W.; Whalley, W. Richard

Characterization of root-yield-1.06, a major constitutive QTL for root and agronomic traits in maize across water regimes
Landi, Pierangelo; Giuliani, Silvia; Salvi, Silvio; Ferri, Matteo; Tuberosa, Roberto; Sanguineti, Maria Corinna

Transcriptional profiles of drought-responsive genes in modulating transcription signal transduction, and biochemical pathways in tomato
Gong, Pengjuan; Zhang, Junhong; Li, Hanxia; Yang, Changxian; Zhang, Chanjuan; Zhang, Xiaohui; Khurram, Ziaf; Zhang, Yuyang; Wang, Taotao; Fei, Zhangjun; Ye, Zhibiao

Production and diffusion of chloroplastic H2O2 and its implication to signalling
Mubarakshina, Maria M.; Ivanov, Boris N.; Naydov, Ilya A.; Hillier, Warwick; Badger, Murray R.; Krieger-Liszkay, Anja

Auxin influx inhibitors 1-NOA, 2-NOA, and CHPAA interfere with membrane dynamics in tobacco cells
Lakov, Martina; Smith, Richard S.; Peek, Bedich; Kube, Martin; Zamalov, Eva; Petrek, Jan; Hoyerov, Klra

An L1 box binding protein, GbML1, interacts with GbMYB25 to control cotton fibre development
Zhang, Fei; Zuo, Kaijing; Zhang, Jieqiong; Liu, Xiang; Zhang, Lida; Sun, Xiaofen; Tang, Kexuan

Sequestration of auxin by the indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3-1 in grape berry (Vitis vinifera L.) and the proposed role of auxin conjugation during ripening
Bttcher, Christine; Keyzers, Robert A.; Boss, Paul K.; Davies, Christopher

Overexpression of UV-DAMAGED DNA BINDING PROTEIN 1 links plant development and phytonutrient accumulation in high pigment-1 tomato
Azari, Raviv; Reuveni, Moshe; Evenor, Dalia; Nahon, Sahadia; Shlomo, Haviva; Chen, Lea; Levin, Ilan

Disruption of a gene for rice sucrose transporter, OsSUT1, impairs pollen function but pollen maturation is unaffected
Hirose, Tatsuro; Zhang, Zujian; Miyao, Akio; Hirochika, Hirohiko; Ohsugi, Ryu; Terao, Tomio

Revealing diversity in structural and biochemical forms of C4 photosynthesis and a C3C4 intermediate in genus Portulaca L. (Portulacaceae)
Voznesenskaya, Elena V.; Koteyeva, Nuria K.; Edwards, Gerald E.; Ocampo, Gilberto

Identification and characterization of the maize arogenate dehydrogenase gene family
Holding, David R.; Meeley, Robert B.; Hazebroek, Jan; Selinger, David; Gruis, Fred; Jung, Rudolf; Larkins, Brian A.

Role of photosynthesis and analysis of key enzymes involved in primary metabolism throughout the lifespan of the tobacco flower
Mller, Gabriela Leticia; Drincovich, Mara Fabiana; Andreo, Carlos Santiago; Lara, Mara Valeria

Brachytic2/ZmABCB1 functions in IAA export from intercalary meristems
Knller, Anne Sophie; Blakeslee, Joshua J.; Richards, Elizabeth L.; Peer, Wendy Ann; Murphy, Angus S.

Remote-controlled stop of phloem mass flow by biphasic occlusion in Cucurbita maxima
Furch, Alexandra C. U.; Zimmermann, Matthias R.; Will, Torsten; Hafke, Jens B.; van Bel, Aart J. E.

Effect on shoot water relations, and cytokinin and abscisic acid levels of inducing expression of a gene coding for isopentenyltransferase in roots of transgenic tobacco plants
Vysotskaya, Lydia B.; Veselov, Stanislav Yu.; Kudoyarova, Guzel R.

Involvement of cytokinins in the grain filling of rice under alternate wetting and drying irrigation
Zhang, Hao; Chen, Tintin; Wang, Zhiqin; Yang, Jianchang; Zhang, Jianhua

Nitrogen to phosphorus ratio of plant biomass versus soil solution in a tropical pioneer tree, Ficus insipida
Garrish, Valerie; Cernusak, Lucas A.; Winter, Klaus; Turner, Benjamin L.

Excretion and folding of plasmalemma function to accommodate alterations in guard cell volume during stomatal closure in Vicia faba L.
Li, Bingbing; Liu, Gaofei; Deng, Yuanyuan; Xie, Min; Feng, Zhigao; Sun, Mingzhu; Zhao, Yanxia; Liang, Liyan; Ding, Ning; Jia, Wensuo

Mining the surface proteome of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit for proteins associated with cuticle biogenesis
Yeats, Trevor H.; Howe, Kevin J.; Matas, Antonio J.; Buda, Gregory J.; Thannhauser, Theodore W.; Rose, Jocelyn K. C.

The Arabidopsis plastid-signalling mutant gun1 (genomes uncoupled1) shows altered sensitivity to sucrose and abscisic acid and alterations in early seedling development
Cottage, Amanda; Mott, Ellie K.; Kempster, Jennie A.; Gray, John C.

A comparative study of salt tolerance parameters in 11 wild relatives of Arabidopsis thaliana
Orsini, Francesco; D'Urzo, Matilde Paino; Inan, Gunsu; Serra, Sara; Oh, Dong-Ha; Mickelbart, Michael V.; Consiglio, Federica; Li, Xia; Jeong, Jae Cheol; Yun, Dae-Jin; Bohnert, Hans J.; Bressan, Ray A.; Maggio, Albino

The role of vacuolar processing enzyme (VPE) from Nicotiana benthamiana in the elicitor-triggered hypersensitive response and stomatal closure
Zhang, Huajian; Dong, Suomeng; Wang, Meifang; Wang, Wei; Song, Wenwen; Dou, Xianying; Zheng, Xiaobo; Zhang, Zhengguang

Nicotinate/nicotinamide mononucleotide adenyltransferase-mediated regulation of NAD biosynthesis protects guard cells from reactive oxygen species in ABA-mediated stomatal movement in Arabidopsis
Hashida, Shin-nosuke; Itami, Taketo; Takahashi, Hideyuki; Takahara, Kentaro; Nagano, Minoru; Kawai-Yamada, Maki; Shoji, Kazuhiro; Goto, Fumiyuki; Yoshihara, Toshihiro; Uchimiya, Hirofumi


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