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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (4), 2012



        Extended Periods of Hydration Do Not Elicit Dehardening to Desiccation Tolerance in Regeneration Trials of the Moss Syntrichia caninervis (pp. 333-343) 
        Lloyd R. Stark, John C. Brinda, D. Nicholas McLetchie, and Melvin J. Oliver
    Development and Structure

        Seed Diversity in Menispermaceae: Developmental Anatomy and Insights into the Origin of the Condyle (pp. 344-364) 
        Rosa del C. Ortiz
        Comparative Micromorphology of Petals in Macaronesian Lotus (Leguminosae) Reveals a Loss of Papillose Conical Cells during the Evolution of Bird Pollination (pp. 365-374) 
        Isidro Ojeda, Arnoldo Santos-Guerra, Juli Caujapé-Castells, Ruth Jaén-Molina, Águedo Marrero, and Quentin C. B. Cronk
        Premeiotic Microsporocyte Cell Shape Influences Shape of Tetrads during Microsporogenesis (pp. 375-381) 
        Laurent Penet
        Pheromonal Interactions among Gametophytes of Osmundastrum cinnamomeum and the Origins of Antheridiogen Systems in Leptosporangiate Ferns(pp. 382-390) 
        Stephanie N. Hollingsworth, Eric A. Andres, and Gary K. Greer
    Reproductive Biology

        Temperature-Dependent Fluctuation Of Stamen Number In Cardamine hirsuta (Brassicaceae)(pp. 391-398) 
        Saeko Matsuhashi, Satoki Sakai, and Hiroshi Kudoh

        Origin of Highly Polyploid Species: Different Pathways of Auto- and Allopolyploidy in 12–18x Species of Avenula (Poaceae) (pp. 399-411) 
        Grit Winterfeld, Julia Schneider, Katja Perner, and Martin Röser

        Late Cretaceous Angiosperm Woods from the Crevasse Canyon and McRae Formations, South-Central New Mexico, USA: Part 1 (pp. 412-428) 
        Emilio Estrada-Ruiz, Garland R. UpchurchJr., Elisabeth A. Wheeler, and Greg H. Mack
        The Ultrastructure and Botanical Affinity of the Problematic Mid-Mesozoic Palynomorph Ricciisporites tuberculatus Lundblad (pp. 429-440) 
        Luke Mander, Margaret E. Collinson, William G. Chaloner, Anthony P. R. Brain, and David G. Long

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