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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (3), 2012

International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (3), 2012



        Comparison of Different Methods for the Detection of Silica Inclusions in Plant Tissues(pp. 229-238) 
        Inga C. Blecher, Robin Seidel, Ralf Thomann, and Thomas Speck
        Leaf Architecture of Extant Species of Rosa L. and the Paleogene Species Rosa lignitum Heer (Rosaceae)(pp. 239-250) 
        A. Kellner, M. Benner, H. Walther, L. Kunzmann, V. Wissemann, and C. M. Ritz
    Reproductive Biology

        Reduced Petal Size and Color Associated with Transitions from Outcrossing to Selfing in Camissoniopsis Cheiranthifolia (Onagraceae)(pp. 251-260) 
        Lindsey Button, Adriana Lopez Villalobos, Sara R. Dart, and Christopher G. Eckert

        Historical Biogeography of the Predominantly Neotropical Subfamily Cinchonoideae (Rubiaceae): Into or Out of America?(pp. 261-286) 
        Ulrika Manns, Niklas Wikström, Charlotte M. Taylor, and Birgitta Bremer


        Fossil Newtonia (Fabaceae: Mimoseae) Seeds from the Early Miocene (22–21 Ma) Mush Valley in Ethiopia(pp. 290-296) 
        Aaron D. Pan, Ellen D. Currano, Bonnie F. Jacobs, Mulugeta Feseha, Neil Tabor, and Patrick S. Herendeen

        Morphological Trends in the Fossil Pollen of Decodon and the Paleobiogeographic History of the Genus(pp. 297-317) 
        Frigeir Grímsson, David K. Ferguson, and Reinhard Zetter
        Bertilanthus scanicus, a New Asterid Flower from the Late Cretaceous (Late Santonian–Early Campanian) of Scania, Sweden(pp. 318-330) 
        Else Marie Friis and Kaj Raunsgaard Pedersen

    Collected Papers of Charles Drechsler(p. 331) 
    Erratum(p. 332) 

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