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Australian Systematic Botany - 25 (1), 2012


An expanded phylogenetic analysis of Austrostipa (Poaceae: Stipeae) to test infrageneric relationships

Anna E. Syme, Daniel J. Murphy, Gareth D. Holmes, Stuart Gardner, Rachael Fowler and David J. Cantrill

An expanded molecular phylogeny of the southern bluebells (Wahlenbergia, Campanulaceae) from Australia and New Zealand

Jessica M. Prebble, Heidi M. Meudt and Phil J. Garnock-Jones

Revision of Pichonia (Sapotaceae) in New Caledonia

Ulf Swenson and Jérôme Munzinger

Morphological evaluation of the Drosera peltata complex (Droseraceae)

Robert Gibson, Barry J. Conn and Jeremy J. Bruhl

Corrigendum to: A revision of Commersonia including Rulingia (Malvaceae s.l. or Byttneriaceae)

C .F. Wilkins and B. A. Whitlock

Corrigendum to: A new Australian genus Androcalva separated from Commersonia (Malvaceae s.l. or Byttneriaceae)

C .F. Wilkins and B. A. Whitlock


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