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Australian Journal of Botany - 60 (1), 2012


Changes in forest structure over 60 years: tree densities continue to increase in the Pilliga forests, New South Wales, Australia

Robyn K. Whipp, Ian D. Lunt, Peter G. Spooner and Ross A. Bradstock

Population structure in the clonal, woody wetland plant Melaleuca ericifolia (Myrtaceae): an analysis using historical aerial photographs and molecular techniques

Randall W. Robinson, Elizabeth A. James and Paul I. Boon

Phylogeography of the rare Gymnocarpos przewalskii (Caryophyllaceae): indications of multiple glacial refugia in north-western China

S. M. Ma, M. L. Zhang and S. C. Sanderson

Significant population genetic structure detected for a new and highly restricted species of Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae) from Western Australia, and implications for conservation management

Laurence J. Clarke, Duncan I. Jardine, Margaret Byrne, Kelly Shepherd and Andrew J. Lowe

Non-structural carbohydrates of immature seeds of Caesalpinia echinata (Leguminosae) are involved in the induction of desiccation tolerance

Simone Nadur Motta Leduc, Joao Paulo Naldi Silva, Maríia Gaspar, Claudio José Barbedo and Rita de Cássia Leone Figueiredo-Ribeiro

Anatomy, histochemistry and phytochemical profile of leaf and stem bark of Bathysa cuspidata (Rubiaceae)

Victor Peçanha de Miranda Coelho, Joao Paulo Viana Leite, Líria Granato Nunes and Marília Contin Ventrella

Leaf nitrogen allocation and partitioning in three groundwater-dependent herbaceous species in a hyper-arid desert region of north-western China

Jun-Tao Zhu, Xiang-Yi Li, Xi-Ming Zhang, Qiang Yu and Li-Sha Lin

Expression patterns of auxin-responsive genes during tomato flower pedicel abscission and potential effects of calcium

Xianhong Zuo, Tao Xu, Mingfang Qi, Shuangshuang Lv, Jinhong Li, Song Gao and Tianlai Li

The quest for the function of 'Hass' avocado carbohydrates: clues from fruit and seed development as well as seed germination

S. Z. Tesfay, I. Bertling, J. P. Bower and Carol Lovatt


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