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Systematic Botany - 35 (4), 2010


A Systematic Revision of the Genus Erythrophyllopsis (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta)
Cano, María J.; Jiménez, Juan A.; Jiménez, Juan F.

Pteris xiaoyingae sp. nov. (sect. Pteris) from a Karst Cave in China Based on Morphological and Palynological Evidence
He, Hai; Zhang, Li-Bing

Systematics of Grammitid Ferns (Polypodiaceae): Using Morphology and Plastid Sequence Data to Resolve the Circumscriptions of Melpomene and the Polyphyletic Genera Lellingeria and Terpsichore
Sundue, Michael A.; Islam, Melissa B.; Ranker, Tom A.

A Morphological Cladistic Analysis of Terpsichore (Polypodiaceae)
Sundue, Michael A.

Two New Species of Ephedra (Ephedraceae) from the Western Himalayan Region
Sharma, Prabha; Uniyal, P.L.; Hammer, Oyvind

Hybridization in Hydrophiles: Natural Interspecific Hybrids in Najas (Hydrocharitaceae)
Les, Donald H.; Sheldon, Sallie P.; Tippery, Nicholas P.

Two Novelties in Hechtia (Bromeliaceae, Hechtioideae) from Mexico
Martínez-Correa, Nancy; Espejo-Serna, Adolfo; López-Ferrari, Ana Rosa; Ramírez-Morillo, Ivón

Evolution of Leaf Blade Anatomy in Eragrostis (Poaceae)
Ingram, Amanda L.

Open Access Phylogeny and Recircumscription of Artocarpeae (Moraceae) with a Focus on Artocarpus
Zerega, Nyree J.C.; Nur Supardi, M.N.; Motley, Timothy J.

Henrietteeae (Melastomataceae): A New Neotropical Berry-Fruited Tribe
Penneys, D.S.; Michelangeli, F.A.; Judd, W.S.; Almeda, F.

Conflicting Phylogenies of Section Macrantha (Acer Aceroideae, Sapindaceae) Based on Chloroplast and Nuclear DNA
Zhang, Zhihong; Li, Chunqi; Li, Jianhua

Biogeographic Patterns of Diversification and the Origins of C4 in Cleome (Cleomaceae)
Feodorova, Tatiana A.; Voznesenskaya, Elena V.; Edwards, Gerald E.; Roalson, Eric H.

Taxonomic Revision of the Endangered Hawaiian Red-flowered Sandalwoods (Santalum) and Discovery of an Ancient Hybrid Species
Harbaugh, Danica T.; Oppenheimer, Hank L.; Wood, Kenneth R.; Wagner, Warren L.

A Molecular Phylogeny of North American Atripliceae (Chenopodiaceae), with Implications for Floral and Photosynthetic Pathway Evolution
Zacharias, Elizabeth H.; Baldwin, Bruce G.

Cladistic Analysis and Taxonomic Synopsis of Anulocaulis (Nyctaginaceae) Based on Morphological Data
Hernández-Ledesma, Patricia; Olvera, Hilda Flores; Ochoterena, Helga

Phylogeny of Cantua (Polemoniaceae): Evidence from Chloroplast and Nuclear DNA Sequence Data
Monfils, Anna K.; Prather, L. Alan

Phylogenetic Relationships in Solanum Section Androceras (Solanaceae)
Stern, Stephen R.; Weese, Terri; Bohs, Lynn A.

Three New Species of Solanum from Kenya: Using Herbarium Specimens to Document Environmental Change
Vorontsova, Maria S.; Christenhusz, Maarten J.M.; Kirika, Paul; Muthoka, Patrick

Molecular Phylogeny of the Genus Ptilostemon (Compositae: Cardueae) and its Relationships with Cynara and Lamyropsis
Vilatersana, Roser; Garcia-Jacas, Núria; Garnatje, Teresa; Molero, Julian; Sonnante, Gabriella; Susanna, Alfonso

Book Reviews

The Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names
Birch, Joanne L.

Flora Mesoamericana, Volumen 4, Parte 1
Snow, Neil

Plantas comestibles de Centroamérica
Hazlett, Donald L.

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