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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 57 (6), 2010


Research Papers

Nitrogen Content and Respiration Rate in Leaves of the Wrangel Island Plants
O. A. Semikhatova, T. I. Ivanova, and O. V. Kirpichnikova p.

Characterization of Pigment Apparatus in Winter-Green and Summer-Green Leaves of a Shade-Tolerant Plant Ajuga reptans
O. V. Dymova, I. Grib, T. K. Golovko, and K. Strzalka

Photosynthetic Pigments of Plants and Lichens Inhabiting Arctic Tundra of West Spitsbergen
N. Yu. Shmakovaand E. F. Markovskaya

Effect of Light Conditions of Wheat Growing on Sensitivity of Photosynthetic Machinery to Salt Stress
A. A. Ivanov

The Effect of Wheat Seed Presowing Treatment with Salicylic Acid on Its Endogenous Content, Activities of Respiratory Pathways, and Plant Antioxidant Status
Z. F. Rakhmankulova, V. V. Fedyaev, S. R. Rakhmatulina, C. P. Ivanov, I. R. Gilvanova, and I. Yu. Usmanov

Salt Stress Responses of a Halophytic Grass Aeluropus lagopoides and Subsequent Recovery
Hamid Sobhanian, Nasrin Motamed, Ferdous Rastgar Jazii, Khadija Razavi, Vahid Niknam, and Setsuko Komatsu

Mechanisms of Salt Stress Tolerance Development in Barley Plants under the Influence of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid
N. G. Averina, E. R. Gritskevich, I. V. Vershilovskaya, A. V. Usatov, and E. B. Yaronskaya

Antioxidant Capacity of Sage Grown on Heavy Metal-Polluted Soil
I. Stancheva, M. Geneva, M. Hristozkova, Y. Markovska, and I. Salamon

Biological Effects of High Copper and Zinc Concentrations and Their Interaction in Rapeseed Plants
E. M. Ivanova, V. P. Kholodova, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

Interactions of Auxin and Gibberellin in the Control of Basal Growth of Arabidopsis Rosette Leaves
Xiaofeng Li, Guangmu Meng, Fei Ha, Lu Huo, Jian Wang, Shaobo Wang, Guochang Zheng, and Heng Liu

Ecophysiological Adaptation of Calligonum roborovskii to Decreasing Soil Water Content along an Altitudinal Gradient in the Kunlun Mountains, Central Asia
Jun-Tao Zhu, Xiang-Yi Li, Xi-Ming Zhang, Fan-Jiang Zeng, Li-Sha Lin, Shang-Gong Yang, Dong-Wei Gui, and Hui Wang p. 826 abstract

Effects of the Nitric Oxide Donor Sodium Nitroprusside on Antioxidant Enzymes in Wheat Seedling Roots under Nickel Stress
S. H. Wang, H. Zhang, S. J. Jiang, L. Zhang, Q. Y. He, and H. Q. He

Changes in the Water Status and Rheological Characteristics of Pea Seedling Axillary Buds during Their Transitions Growth–Dormancy–Growth in Apical Dominance
A. A. Kotov and L. M. Kotova

Distribution of Unusual Fatty Acids in the Mesocarp Triacylglycerols of Maturing Sea Buckthorn Fruits
E. I. Kuznetsova, V. P. Pchelkin, V. D. Tsydendambaev, and A. G. Vereshchagin

Identification and Characterization of Dehydrins in Horse Chestnut Recalcitrant Seeds
N. A. Gumilevskaya and M. I. Azarkovich

Effect of Ion Channel Blockers and H+-ATPase Inhibitors on Generation of Local Electrical Response in a Cucumber Leaf
G. A. Prudnikov, L. A. Panichkin, and M. S. Krasavina

Overexpression of UDP-Glucosyltransferase 71C5 Increases Glucose Tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
J. P. Yan, H. He, J. J. Zhang, Z. Liu, J. M. Wang, X. F. Li, and Y. Yang

Brief Communications

Effect of Wounding on Gene Expression Involved in Artemisinin Biosynthesis and Artemisinin Production in Artemisia annua
Donghui Liu, Lida Zhang, Chengxiang Li, Ke Yang, Yueyue Wang, Xiaofen Sun, and Kexuan Tang p. 882 abstract

Photosynthetic Responses to Light Intensity of Sarcocornia Taxa (Chenopodiaceae)
S. Redondo-Gómez and E. Mateos-Naranjo

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