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African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (20), 2011


Michael A. Gbadegesin and John R. Beeching

Highly heterogeneous Ty3/Gypsy-like retrotransposon sequences in the genome of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Nausherwan Nobel Nawab, Qamar Shakil, Shahid Niaz, Muhammad Munir Iqbal, Muhammad Ahsan Asif and Iftikhar Ahmad Khan

Genetics of trichomes and its association with fibre and agronomic traits in cotton

Zuo-Hua Liu, Jin-Long Yang, Fei-Yun Yang, Ding-Biao Long, Ren-Yong Jia, Kang-Cheng Pan, and Dai-Wen Chen

Quick and sensitive determination of gene expression of fatty acid synthase in vitro by using real-time polymerase chain reaction amplification (PCR)

Tao Liu, Yun-qian Hu and Xiao-xian Li

Characterization of a chestnut FLORICAULA/LEAFY homologous gene

Zhigang Dong, Huji Zhao,Junguang He, Junling Huai, Heng Lin, Jun Zheng, Yunjun Liu and Guoying Wang

Overexpression of a foxtail millet Acetyl-CoA carboxylase gene in maize increases sethoxydim resistance and oil content

Laurette Ngo Nkot, Dieudonné Nwaga, Albert Ngakou, Henri Fankem and François-Xavier Etoa

Variation in nodulation and growth of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) on oxisols from land use systems of the humid forest zone in southern Cameroon

M. Kamel, A. Barkia, M. Hamdaoui, H. Ketata, M. Kassis, M. Nasri and A. Aouidet

Comparison of some anthropometric and biologic parameters in two groups of Tunisian infants (0 to 2 years)

Xu Kedong, Liu Qinglin, Yang Huifang, Zeng Li, Dong Lili, Liu Fengluan, Bi Ling, Ma Nan and Zhao Liangjun

Isolation and molecular characterization of RcSERK1: A Rosa canina gene transcriptionally induced during initiation of protocorm-like bodies

Golnaz Asaadi Tehrani, Sina Mirzaahmadi, Mojgan Bandehpour, Faramarz Laloei, Akram Eidi, Toraj Valinasab and Bahram Kazemi

Molecular cloning and expression of the luciferase coding genes of Vibrio fischeri

H. A. Abbasi, S. Gharahveysi and R. Abdullahpour

Study of polymorphism of leptin gene receptor in Mazandaran fowls

Adnan A. Alsulaimani, Nabil S. Awad and Adel E. El-Tarras

Detection of genomic instability in hypospadias patients by random amplified polymorphic DNA-polymerase chain reaction (RAPD-PCR) method

Jun Li, Yiling Hou, Wanru Hou, Bing Sun and Xiulan Su

cDNA, genomic sequence cloning and overexpression of cytochrome c oxidase gene (COX6b1) from the Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Dinesh Giri and Sushma Tamta

Effect of plant growth regulators (PGRs) on micropropagation of a vulnerable and high value medicinal plant Hedychium spicatum

Liheng He, Xiaoyun Jia, Zhiqiang Gao and Runzhi Li

Genotype-dependent responses of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seedlings to drought, UV-B radiation and their combined stresses

Mehmet Simsek, Nuray Comlekcioglu and Irfan Ozturk

The effects of the regulated deficit irrigation on yield and some yield components of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under semi-arid conditions

Yang Xian-Guang, Fan Jin-Yu and Deng Chuan-Liang

Molecular cloning of a novel GSK3/shaggy-like gene from Triticum monococcum L. and its expression in response to salt, drought and other abiotic stresses

Ugur Basaran, Ozlem Onal Asci, Hanife Mut, Zeki Acar, Ilknur Ayan

Some quality traits and neurotoxin ß-N-oxalyl-L-?,ß-diaminopropionic acid (ß-ODAP) contents of Lathyrus sp. cultivated in Turkey

Ke. Huang, Qiuyun Wu, Juncheng Lin and Jingui Zheng

Optimization of a plant regeneration protocol for broccoli

Munir Ahmad, Muhammad Munir, Armghan Shahzad, M. Shahid Masood and Muhammad Iqbal

Evaluation of bread wheat genotypes for salinity tolerance under saline field conditions

M. Jariteh, H. Ebrahimzadeh, V. Niknam, K. Vahdati and R. Amiri

Antioxidant enzymes activities during secondary somatic embryogenesis in Persian walnut (Juglans regia L.)

Parviz Mehdikhani, Hrachya Hovsepyan and Mahmood Rezazadeh Bari

Sugar beet genotype effect on potential of bioethanol production using Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation

Xu Lizhang and Li Yaoming

Modeling and experiment to threshing unit of stripper combine

Siti Aishah, H. A. R. Saberi, R. A. Halim and A. R. Zaharah

Yield responses of forage sorghums to salinity and irrigation frequency

Jiyan Shi, Huirong Lin, Xiaofeng Yuan and Yidong Zhao

Isolation and characterization of a novel sulfur-oxidizing chemolithoautotroph Halothiobacillus from Pb polluted paddy soil

M. Ataabadi, M. Hoodaji and P. Najafi

Biomonitoring of some heavy metal contaminations from a steel plant by above ground plants tissue

Hui Li, Changqing Zhao, Jin Zhou, Huanhuan Shao and Wuyong Chen

Isolation, purification and identification of bacteria from the shoes worn by children

Narges Zohrabi, Ali Reza Massah Bavani, Hossein Sedghi and Abdol RasolTelvari

Analyzing the two-dimensional plot of the interannual climate variability for detection of the climate change in the Large Karoun River Basin, Iran

Periasamy Anbu, Myoung-Ju Noh, Da-Hye Kim, Jun-Seok Seo, Byung-Ki Hur and Kyeong Ho Min

Screening and optimization of extracellular lipases by Acinetobacter species isolated from oil oil-contaminated soil in South Korea

Lucy Johnny, Umi Kalsom Yusuf and R. Nulit

Antifungal activity of selected plant leaves crude extracts against a pepper anthracnose fungus, Colletotrichum capsici (Sydow) butler and bisby (Ascomycota: Phyllachorales)

Huiju Gao, Yanwen Wang, Wenting Zhang, Weile Wang and Zhimei Mu

Isolation, identification and application in lignin degradation of an ascomycete GHJ-4

Kai Zhao, Lixin Sun, Xi Ma, Xiuliang Li, Xin Wang, Wenxiang Ping, Dongpo Zhou

Improved taxol production in Nodulisporium sylviforme derived from inactivated protoplast fusion

Lebaka Veeranjaneya Reddy, Obulam Vijaya Sarathi Reddy and Young-Jung Wee

Production of ethanol from mango (Mangifera indica L.) peel by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CFTRI101

Song Li, Wei Shen, Xianzhong Chen, Guiyang Shi and Zhengxiang Wang

Secretory expression of Rhizopus oryzae ?-amylase in Kluyveromyces lactis

Charles Parkouda, Brehima Diawara, Samuel Lowor, Charles Diako, Firibu Kwesi Saalia, Nana T Annan, Jan S. Jensen, Kwaku Tano-Debrah and Mogens Jakobsen

Volatile compounds of maari, a fermented product from baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) seeds

Okoh O. O., Sadimenko A. P. and Afolayan A. J.

Antioxidant activities of Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oil obtained by hydro-distillation and solvent free microwave extraction

Zhaojun Ni, Zhen Zhang, Zhihong Gao, Linping Gu and Leifang Huang

Effects of bagging on sugar metabolism and the activity of sugar metabolism related enzymes during fruit development of Qingzhong loquat

Belsem Marzouk, Zohra Marzouk, Ehsen Haloui, Manel Turki, Abderrahman Bouraoui, Mahjoub Aouni and Nadia Fenina

Anti-inflammatory evaluation of immature fruit and seed aqueous extracts from several populations of Tunisian Citrullus colocynthis Schrad

R.O. Akomolafe, I.O. Adeoshun, J.B. Fakunle, E.O. Iwalewa, A.O. Ayoka, O.E. Ajayi, O.M. Odeleye and B.O. Akanji

Effects of artemether on the plasma and urine concentrations of some electrolytes in rats

Behnaz Korouzhdehy, Mehdi Dadmehr ,Issa Piri, Fatemeh Rahbarizadeh and Mahmood Solouki

Expression of biological active VHH camelid single domain antibody in transgenic tobacco

Motetelo Alfred Mogale, Sogolo Lucky Lebelo, Leshweni Jeremia Shai and Jacobus Nicholaas Eloff

Aloe arborescens aqueous gel extract alters the activities of key hepatic enzymes and blood concentration of triglycerides, glucose and insulin in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

Deshui Yu, Libo Liu, Xiaodong Zhi, Yang Cao and Gang lv

Increased vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression in rats with spinal cord injury by transplantation of bone marrow stromal cells

Sulaiman, Lanre K., Oladele, Omolade A., Shittu, Ismaila A., Emikpe, Benjamin O., Oladokun, Agnes T. and Meseko, Clement A

In-ovo evaluation of the antiviral activity of methanolic root-bark extract of the African Baobab (Adansonia digitata Lin)

Hosseinzadeh Abbas, Shayesteh Nouraddin, Zolfagharieh Hamid Reza, Bernousi Iraj, Babaei Mohammad, Zareshahi Hasan, Ahari Mostafavi Hossein , Fatollahi Hadi

Effect of gamma radiation on different stages of Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella Hübner (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Muhammad Yousaf, Abdus Salam and Muhammad Naeem

Body composition of freshwater Wallago attu in relation to body size, condition factor and sex from southern Punjab, Pakistan

C. O. Omoifo

Rhizopus stolonifer exhibits dimorphism

C. O. Omoifo

Effect of extracellular calcium chloride on sporangiospore-yeast transformation of Rhizopus stolonifer

Hossein Emrani, Cyrus Amirinia and Mohammad Ali Radjaee Arbabe

Genetic variation and bottleneck in Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) strains using twelve microsatellite markers

Han Li, Zhen YanHong, Sang Lei, Bai LiYa, Cai KaiLai, Guo AiZhen and Yang LiGuo

Evaluation of the effects of bovine herpesvirus-1 VP22 gene adjuvant in the inhibin DNA vaccine for improving follicular development and litter size in mice

M. Zarei, M. Ehsani and M. Torki

Productive performance of laying hens fed wheat-based diets included olive pulp with or without a commercial enzyme product

E. Esmeray and M.E. Aydin

An investigation on natural radioactivity from mining industry#


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